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When you or a family member needs developmental disability support services, choose RISE Services, Inc. We offer several helpful solutions for residents in Fruitland. Our team is ready and willing to help you, so contact us now to learn more.

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Valuable Child Developmental Disability Services

If your child needs help developing social skills, building new friendships, or preparing for school, our child developmental disability services can address these issues and many more.

  • Improve functional skills, learn intervention techniques, and receive school-based Medicaid services with child Habilitation Intervention.
  • Get your child involved in the community and support their social skills with community-based Support Services for children with developmental disabilities.
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills, increase communication skills, and more with Rising Stars, an early childhood intervention program.
  • Encourage your child to be in the community and have fun with our Recreational Services for children with developmental disabilities.

Employment Training for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disability Employer Partnerships in Fruitland Idaho

Often, finding and maintaining a good job can be difficult for those who live with developmental disabilities. This is one reason why we provide developmental disability employment services for Fruitland residents. Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) offer job coaching and job readiness training with our Career Services. We also partner with local employers and offer incentives to hire skilled adults with developmental disabilities. With our Work Incentives Planning & Assistance Program, adults with Social Security Disability benefits receive help with understanding their benefits and how they may be affected if they return to work.

Adult Developmental Disability Services in Fruitland

The adult developmental disability services at RISE offer strategies for individuals to become more independent, solutions that will foster involvement in the community, and unique approaches to meet their personal goals.

Developmental Disability Employer Partnerships in Fruitland Idaho
  • Adult Day Health services take place in a safe and caring environment where participants can engage with others through daily living tasks like cooking, watching movies, and playing games.
  • Our Developmental Therapy service for adults allows participants to develop skills for socialization, self-help, and communication.
  • Certified Family Homes for adults with developmental disabilities provide secure and loving home environments when residents require assistance with daily living activities.
  • With our Self-Direction for adults with developmental disabilities program, participants can choose the specific services they need and the staff they wish to work with to meet their goals.
  • You or a family member can receive a high level of personal care within the home with Supported Living services for adults with developmental disabilities.

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If you are a resident of Fruitland living with a disability, RISE Services, Inc. is here to help with our developmental disability support services. We gladly serve Fruitland and many other Idaho areas such as Burley, Emmett, Mountain Home, Twin Falls, and all surrounding locations in Idaho. Learn more about how we can help you and your family succeed by contacting us today.

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