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Friday Night Out Group

Developmental Disability Recreation Services in Idaho

It's all about fun and friendships for individuals who get together for Friday Night Out Group. At RISE Idaho, Friday Night Out Group is a recreational and social program for adults who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities and are interested in participating in a wide variety of fun activities with their peers.

Participating in Friday Night Out Group is fun and economical. Registration is accepted quarterly, and a small fee is charged. If an individual is interested in participating in planned and supervised group activities, an application must be completed in order to attend. Individuals sign up for the activities they would like to participate in over the quarter. Various activities include:

Watching movies

Attending parties & hosting dances

Going bowling

Attending sporting events

Individuals are supervised at all times while participating in Friday Night Out Group. Friday Night Out Group is a non-Medicaid funded program.

Camp Partnerships

Camp Partnerships IS happening in 2022! There will be a limited number of campers for only 1 session of camp at Trinity Pines, July 23rd-27th. It will be on a first come first served basis. Watch for more information in April!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact or call (208) 405-0617.

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