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RISE Idaho helps adults with developmental disabilities live full, productive, and independent lives.

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Adult Services

Developmental Disability Adult Services in Idaho
  • Assist individuals in becoming more independent.
  • Help adults be more involved in their community.
  • Ensure individuals receive the self-care assistance they need.
  • Assist adults in achieving their personal goals for daily living.
  • Create opportunities for individuals to participate in recreational services with their peers.


With our Adult Day Health services, our trained staff provides supervised activities helping individuals with developmental disabilities learn new skills. Most activities are provided on-site in our centers while some groups participate in community activities as well. Adults are able to develop friendships, spend time with friends, and have fun in a secure and caring environment.

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Developmental Therapy assists adults with developmental disabilities by helping them become more independent and involved in the community. We also create opportunities that allow our participants to achieve their personal goals by developing skills for daily living, socialization, self-help, and communication.

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A Certified Family Home (CFH) provides a safe, family-style living environment for adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities who require some assistance with daily living activities. These homes offer a person-centered approach in assisting the CFH provider by creating implementation plans that are designed to meet the specific needs of each resident. The goal of a Certified Family Home is to offer one-on-one support that will strengthen independent living skills for the individual.

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For individuals with developmental disabilities who choose Self-Direction services, RISE Idaho works alongside them, helping them achieve their personal goals. Self-Direction allows individuals to choose the specific supports that fit their unique needs.

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With Supported Living, we help make dreams of independence come true. This program assists adults with developmental disabilities by helping them develop and maintain independent living skills in their own homes. Our qualified staff offers a high level of personal care, providing daily living services that are tailored to the unique needs of the individual.

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RISE Idaho offers two recreational opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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The Targeted Service Coordinator (TSC) will create an individual support plan along with the participant and their support team to coordinate services that will meet their needs.

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Adults have fun and build friendships during Friday Night Out Groups. This recreational and social program is for adults who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities and wish to participate in a wide variety of fun activities with their peers. Activities may include watching movies, attending parties, going bowling, or watching sporting events.

Camp Partnerships is an amazing annual camp for adults with developmental disabilities. Each summer, RISE Services, Inc. offers a traditional, overnight camp experience that helps our campers gain valuable life skills and creates socially rich recreational opportunities. Campers can enjoy activities such as water sports, ziplining, archery, boat rides, arts & crafts, karaoke, and dancing the night away at the camp dance!

Camp 2024 will be taking place on May 27th - 31st at Trinity Pines. For more information, please contact (208) 376-4999.

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