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Building Skills That Last a Lifetime

RISE supports children and youth in Regions 3 and 4 with behavioral, emotional, or medical needs that traditional foster care is unable to support. The goal of Treatment Foster Care is to provide a healthy, stable home in hopes that these adolescents can be successfully reunited with their bio family, or have permanency through adoption or kinship care. RISE aims to provide a safe, therapeutic, family-based environment, with a qualified, trained and licensed Treatment Foster Parent. These services are trauma-informed and strengths-based. We believe You are Their Home, and We are Your Village. Please contact our office at (208) 252-6117 for more information.


For families interested in providing Treatment Foster Care. This includes initial training and ongoing training in order to maintain licensing compliance.

Helps with resource identification, access to and coordination of services once a child or youth is placed in the home.

Allows families reprieve and support when needed and recharge so they’re able to maintain stabilization.

Includes support groups, mental health services and events aimed to build a network of support amongst Professional Parents across Region 3 and 4 in Idaho.

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