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Assisting Children to Build Relationship Skills & Develop Friendships within Their Community

RISE Idaho provides innovative, community-focused support services that will help your child get involved in the community and develop friendships and relationships with other children and individuals. We offer services such as Community Based Supports, Family Education, and Respite which are available through your state plan budget.


Community-Based Supports is defined by Family and Community Services (FACS) as “assistance to children with a disability by facilitating independence and integration into the community.

We provide children with opportunities to explore their interests, practice skills learned in other therapeutic and natural environments, and improve their skills through community participation and integration.

Community-Based Supports are not skill-building therapeutic services. The child should already have the foundational skills that will be targeted and practiced in an integrated community environment.

If your child has behavioral and/or safety concerns that make it difficult to be in the community at the present time, ABA Intervention Services may be a more appropriate solution for your child’s needs.

Family Education provides assistance to families in order to help them meet their child’s individual needs. This service is delivered by a professional who will teach the family and caregivers about the child’s developmental disability. We also provide general strategies and techniques that will be helpful for navigating the child’s specific diagnoses.

At RISE, we provide group and individual family education training in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Socialization
  • Utilization of visual supports
  • Positive behavior supports

Customized training is also available upon request. Please contact our main office at (208) 376-4999 for additional information.

Respite services are designed so that caregivers can receive a much-needed break. Individual respite services at RISE Idaho are quality activity-based childcare services provided by trained staff. Group respite services are also offered at each office location.

Please contact your local RISE Idaho office to find out more about the group and individual respite opportunities available in your area.

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