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Kids’ Night Out: A Fun Night Out for Kids & Teens

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Developmental Disability Recreational Services in Idaho

Kids’ Night Out is available to any young person who has been diagnosed with a developmental disability. This program is designed for youth ages six through 17 and provides opportunities for them to be out in the community, having fun! Quality trained staff provides supervision during all activities, ensuring safety and assisting participants as needed. During these activities, the staff to participant ratio is 1:3. Activities include:

  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Laser tag
  • Swimming
  • Attending community sports events or high school plays

More On Our Program

Participants can choose which activities they wish to attend and pay only for those activities. Families can select activities that fit their child’s interests and the family schedule. Kids’ Night Out activities can be paid for privately or families can opt to use group respite hours from the Children's Plan of Service.

Kids’ Night Out groups differ based on location. Check with your local RISE Idaho office for a schedule of upcoming events or to sign up for the next Kids’ Night Out.

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