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RISE Idaho now provides Applied Behavior Analysis services (also known as ABA services) to children on an individualized basis.

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ABA is a science- and evidence-based practice that focuses on improvements in behaviors that benefit the day-to-day experience of children and families by increasing independence in a variety of skill areas. These areas can include:

  • Coping skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Play skills
  • Social skills
  • Adaptive living skills

ABA sessions can take place in the home, community, or in a clinical setting. These sessions are typically conducted by a behavior technician who will implement programs that are specific to your child and family's needs. Programs may include:

  • Increasing functional communication
  • Improving social play skills
  • Targeting behavior concerns
  • Supporting families with ABA training

ABA provides support to individuals and families by creating family-centered and specific interventions that meet the individual where they are, placing them at the core. This is accomplished with parent training, ongoing data collection and assessments, collaboration with other members of the individual's team, and frequent communication with parents and caregivers.

One main goal of ABA is to better support a individual’s family and support unit which assists the individual in generalizing their skills, decreasing maladaptive behaviors, and increasing their independence. Generalization involves multiple people in different settings using different materials. Through parent training, parents and caregivers being involved in each session, and practicing these strategies together, the whole child is supported.

The purpose of ABA is to improve and increase desired behaviors while decreasing maladaptive and unwanted behaviors. ABA therapy will address the developmental deficiencies identified during an initial assessment of your child’s functioning across dozens of areas.This often includes areas of verbal communication, like the ability to converse with parents and peers, requesting items, and communicating emotions and needs. Nonverbal communication, like making gestures and understanding social cues, can also be developed. Other important target areas of ABA include social skills, play skills, potty training, self-care skills (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.), and day-to-day living skills (getting dressed, table manners, etc.).

Most insurance plans in Idaho are now required to cover ABA services (there are some exceptions). In order to qualify for ABA services through private insurance, the participant must have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.

Medicaid also covers behavior or ABA services when the participant has a Serious Emotional Disturbance diagnosis.

Your child may begin services after receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or a Severe Emotional Disturbance.

ABA programs are tailored and specialized to the individual’s needs. The duration of a individual’s session or number of sessions per week depends on the number of hours requested by the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), the hours authorized by the funding source, and family and staff availability.

All our ABA programs are supervised by a BCBA or BCABA (Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst). A BCBA is a graduate-level professional who is certified to provide behavior analytic services.

Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) are responsible for providing direct ABA services to the individuals. RBTs are certified paraprofessionals that provide direct behavior analytic services under the close supervision of a BCBA or BCABA.

Once you have decided to start services, contact our ABA department by calling (208) 252-6531. We will collect your insurance and diagnostic information and work with your funder to obtain authorization for services. ABA services will begin with an assessment conducted by a BCBA in order to develop a customized treatment plan. The assessment will consist of parent interviews, observations, and direct evaluations, as well as report review and writing. Your child’s treatment plan will be submitted to your insurance with a request to authorize behavioral therapy services.

RISE Idaho is contracted with several payers, including Optum (Idaho Medicaid), St. Luke’s Health Partners, St. Alphonsus Health Alliance, and the Idaho Physicians Network to provide ABA services to their members.

We are able to obtain single-case agreements or bill out-of-network to most health plans. Contact the ABA department at RISE Idaho to discuss your insurance coverage.

Please contact our ABA department for more information at or (208) 252-6531.

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