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Why We Foster – A Love Story

Love is in the air as we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month. Whether we’re celebrating relationships with our spouses, partners, or families, it’s true that we all want to feel and be loved. At RISE Services, Inc. Idaho, we asked several foster parents why they choose to welcome children who are in need of a safe and loving family into their homes. Keep reading to learn more or you can watch and listen as they share their personal foster care love stories. 

Why We Foster – A Love Story

Patricia: A Grandparent’s Love Story

Patricia cares for her grandchild through our licensed foster care program. When we spoke with her, she expressed how important it is for her grandchild to grow up and become a great individual, and how she can help her do that with the support from RISE Services, Inc. She’s glad she has an opportunity to build a strong bond with her grandchild and wants nothing more than to see him or her succeed. 

Jenifer: A Foster Mom’s Love Story

As a foster mom, Jenifer absolutely enjoys being a part of her foster children’s lives. She loves seeing the smiles on their faces and is glad she can celebrate with them when they reach certain milestones in their lives. She also makes it a point to find joy in foster parenting by connecting with their biological parents. For her, that means showing them love in different ways like sharing pictures of their children with them and listening to their stories, too.

Jake & Rosie: A Foster Parents’ Love Story

Foster parents Jake and Rosie, who are now adopting one of their foster children, have seen how believing in and showing love to foster children has made a huge difference in their lives. By showing up, opening their home, and giving them a stable family to live with, they are able to give their foster children the sense of security they desperately need.

Become a Part of Our Foster Care Family

RISE Idaho needs more families who are willing to show foster children the extra love they need by providing them with compassionate, loving homes. Learn more about becoming a licensed foster parent in Idaho when you contact RISE today.