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How We Support Foster Parents, Children, and Families

It’s Foster Care Appreciation Month! At RISE Services, Inc. Idaho, we offer services and resources to support foster care parents, children, and families. There’s more to foster care than simply opening your home to a child who needs a safe and caring home environment. Many of these children have special needs of their own due to a lack of physical care, unaddressed mental health conditions, or past trauma. Our licensed professionals offer several services that can address these issues and many others with which you and your foster child may need support. Review the three resources below, and if you think any of them would be helpful for your family, contact us today.

How We Support Foster Parents, Children, and Families

Medication Management

Children with mental health or behavioral needs are often prescribed medication to help stabilize various symptoms and improve their overall wellbeing. It can be helpful to have a trained, licensed professional supervising the administration and management of their prescription. Our professional medication management team regularly monitors children while taking their prescribed medications. They discuss how the medications are working with the child and foster parent and also talk about any changes or adjustments that may be required.

Family Education

Our family education program offers educational assistance to families, including those who have foster children with developmental disabilities. We provide training in a variety of specialized areas such as autism spectrum disorders, positive behavior supports, and socialization. Our team can also provide customized training that is specific to your foster child’s disability, teaching you and the child general strategies and techniques that can help them manage their disability in a healthy way.


Many people seek counseling for a wide range of reasons. Therapy can help both foster children and their families navigate this new direction that life is taking them. Not only can counseling give people the strength and support they need to make changes to improve their well-being, but it can also address a diverse selection of mental health concerns, like depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. Our team also takes advantage of a variety of therapy styles such as art and play therapy for children.

Contact Us Today

At RISE Idaho, our goal is to provide practical and professional growth opportunities for foster children and their families. We do this by using a wide array of solutions and resources as well as providing these services in the home, the community, and schools. If you’d like to learn more about how we can support you in your foster care journey, or how you can join our team and support the many Idaho families we serve, contact your local RISE Idaho office today.