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What Is Rising Stars?

Does your child have developmental needs and tend to struggle during the school year? If so, they may benefit from the Rising Stars intervention program at RISE Services, Inc. Idaho. Specifically for children with developmental disabilities and other similar needs, our goal is to assist your child, helping them to be ready for all areas of their education. Keep reading to learn more about this valuable program.

What Is Rising Stars?

What Is Rising Stars?

When a child has a developmental diagnosis or has behavioral or functional needs, they could probably benefit from effective and helpful educational assistance, like our Rising Stars program. This intervention-based school readiness program is for children ages three to six years. In a safe and fun environment, these children will have the opportunity to learn new abilities as well as achieve their goals. 

How Does This Program Work?

Each child who is a part of Rising Stars will receive one-on-one behavior intervention services in a classroom-like setting. This approach also follows the school calendar and offers both morning and afternoon sessions for the convenience of the family and student. 

  • First, we’ll begin with an evaluation and work with each family to create a personalized plan, set goals during our time with your child, and also provide consistent updates on their progress. 
  • Then, our highly-trained intervention specialists will work with your child according to their individual goals. 
  • Along with working toward their goals, they will also practice skills that are necessary for being successful in a classroom setting.

What Can Rising Stars Do For My Child?

There are several benefits to having your child in the Idaho Rising Stars program:

  • Assist with increasing both language and communication skills
  • Help with the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Aid in the improvement of their attention, social skills, memory, and academics
  • Support them as they interact with their peers

We Set Your Child Up for Success

Contact RISE Services, Inc. Idaho today to learn more about our Rising Stars program and how it can benefit your child. We offer several other children’s services including ABA intervention, support services, speech therapy, recreational services, and many more.