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The Wonderful World of Women

Wonderful World of Women


My name is Mike Lewis and I am the Controller at Community Partnerships of Idaho, Inc.  I have been with the company nearly four years and I have recently been asked to create a blog about women.

Yes, that’s right – women.  You see, for me here at CPI it’s like Custard’s last stand and I’m severely outnumbered with no chance of victory.  Lucky for me, these women have no interest in collecting my scalp. Instead, it’s much worse. They torture me with such sinister pleasures as remembering my birthday which gives them the excuse to deface my office with rainbow streamers, two-cent party favors and countless “Happy Birthday” banners.

If that isn’t enough, I have to endure conversations about hair styles, stilettos, and the sultry details of the last Bachelor episode.  Just when I think I’ve gotten through the day unscathed, somebody releases the demonic stench of lilacs or peach mango fragrance in their hand lotion.

This blog is a distress signal of sorts.  A signal which I’m hoping will be picked up and read by my male counterparts who face a similar crisis at their work. With any luck enough of us will be able to band together to defeat these female savages, or at the very least learn to survive in their harsh environment.

I need to sign off now.  I’m being called to lift a box of printer paper and set it on the top shelf.  Until next time…