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Individuals who are eligible for developmental disability services can receive Targeted Service Coordination (TSC) from RISE Services, Inc. Idaho. With this program, we can create Individual Support Plans to meet the various needs of the children and adults we serve. This service also advocates for individuals by helping them gain access to programs that will lead them toward a more independent life. The type of support RISE Services Inc. Idaho can provide through TSC may include residential services, developmental therapy, recreational services, and more.

What Is Targeted Service Coordination?

Residential Services

Our residential services for adults with developmental disabilities include our supported living program and certified family homes. Our supported living programs assist adults who are able to live on their own by helping them learn and maintain independent living skills. Each adult can make their own choices regarding their residential status, such as where they live, where they work, and various activities they wish to pursue. Our certified family homes offer a safe and family-style environment for adults with developmental disabilities. In these homes, they receive assistance with daily living activities as well as access to various community resources.

Developmental Therapy

When adults need assistance with managing their daily lives, our developmental therapy services can help. This therapy is part of the process of assisting individuals in becoming more independent and involved in their community. The TSC program will set specific goals, such as personal hygiene skills, self-help skills, and communication skills, for each individual participant and then pair them with the particular therapy services to help them meet those goals. 

Recreational Services

Did you know that we also offer social and recreational services for the adults in our TSC program? One of our more popular recreational programs is the Friday Night Out Group. This group is specifically for adults who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities and wish to spend more time with their peers. They participate in a wide range of activities each Friday evening such as watching movies, attending sporting events, going bowling, and many more.

Serving Idaho Since 1987

Contact us today to learn more about our Targeted Service Coordination program, especially if you have a family member or loved one living with a developmental disability. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.