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What Are Day Services and Why Are They Important?

If you haven’t heard about our Day Services, then you or your loved one may be missing out on an amazing opportunity. This program offered by RISE Services, Inc. Idaho allows adults who are living with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn new skills, participate in group activities, develop new friendships, and engage in the local community. Our trained and caring staff are on-site at all times to assist the adults we serve. Keep reading to learn more about our Day Services and why they are important for Idaho adults who are living with disabilities.

What Are Day Services and Why Are They Important?

Meet New Friends

What many of our participants truly enjoy about our Day Services is that they get to spend time with friends. Playing games, watching movies, making crafts, and similar activities are always so much more fun when doing them with someone else. Not only can adults foster the friendships they have, but they can make new friends as more participants join our Day Services programs.

Increase Social Skills

One of the greatest benefits of our Day Services is the chance to improve the social skills of individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Because our Day Services take place in a secure and caring environment with our caring and trained staff, the adults we serve can feel safe about practicing skills such as empathizing with friends, respecting personal boundaries, being polite, and listening to others.

Participate in the Community

Our Day Services are important for the individuals we serve, but they are also vital for the various communities in which we work. A healthy community involves all of its members working together for the benefit of local citizens. It’s good for the adults in our programs to participate in various community events, socialize with fellow residents, and discover that they are an important part of their town. It’s also good for other members of the community to see everyone living and working together, for the benefit of all area citizens.

Supporting Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

At RISE Idaho, we believe in supporting the whole person — physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially — which is why we offer fun and engaging Day Services. If you or a loved one are interested in joining this exciting program, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you get started. We provide many services for adults, such as developmental therapy, recreational services, medication management, and career services.