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Unrecognizably Disguised Blessings

blessings in disguise

I am not an end of year reminiscer nor do I typically make New Year’s Resolutions. It seems forced if these things are something I do because of a date on a calendar. I have found that frequently reflecting on my journey through this life makes the difficult times a bit less difficult and enhances the good in the good times. I believe that in all things there are blessing. Sometimes the blessings are small and may seem insignificant but none the less they are what they are and should be counted.

“Blessings sometimes show up in unrecognizable disguises” Janette Oke. I believe that it’s more than just sometimes but rather most of the time. Recently I was in line at the grocery store to pay for just a few items and I was in a hurry. Time management has never been a strength and running late was a given. The women in front of me was taking a long time to pay for her groceries. It was taking time because she was deciding which things had to be put back as she didn’t have enough money to pay for all of them. Non-essentials were being taken off one by one until the total was one that she could afford. Giving up the jar of Tang was a devastating blow to her two children. The Tang brought my hurriedness to an abrupt stop and sent me back to a memory that had been stored up in my mom memory bank. I did not allow my kids to have kool aid and other sugary drinks. But somehow a jar of Tang made its way into the house. I am pretty sure my children’s lives were changed that day! Who would have thought that an orange flavored drink could make such a memorable moment. Years later, while I was standing in that line, a jar of Tang was an unrecognizably disguised blessing. I am sure the Tang was a triple blessing that day; for me, the women and her children, and the person who seized the opportunity to purchase it for them. I am finding that a lot of life’s most profound moments as a mother occurred in the grocery store.

I am starting a new journey in life and have become very aware that life is really about the small stuff. There has been big stuff this year with obvious blessings that have brought overflowing joy to me. I am spending time now looking back and finding all the small stuff in the highest of high moments and the less than amazing times too. I am exceedingly abundantly blessed. Even the smallest of the small blessings count and it is my hope that you will find a few of yours.