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Independent Living Workshops for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

In celebration of National Foster Care Month, RISE Services, Inc. Idaho would like to share how grateful we are for our foster parents and families. We know they go above and beyond by welcoming children and teens into their homes who are waiting to be reunited with their biological parents. Unfortunately, there are times when children in foster care cannot return to their original homes, and, therefore, receive treatment foster care services until we see them aging out of foster care. This is where RISE Services, Inc. Idaho steps in and offers independent living services for youth in these circumstances. With our independent living workshops, many at-risk youth and young adults receive valuable life skills to ensure a successful transition to adulthood.

Challenges for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Youth who age out of foster care have unique challenges. Many of them have a history of trauma or neglect, multiple foster care placements, and broken relationships, making them especially vulnerable during this season. Developing independent living skills, such as building relationships, managing personal finances, finding employment, and scheduling medical appointments, can positively affect their transition into adulthood, minimizing specific risks related to aging out of foster care, such as: 

  • mental and physical health challenges.
  • substance abuse.
  • lack of adequate housing.
  • limited educational opportunities.
  • little to no employment or job training.
  • delinquency or criminal involvement.
  • lack of social connections and relationships.

How Independent Living Workshops Help

RISE Services, Inc. Idaho offers independent living skills services for at-risk youth to help set them up for success as they enter adulthood. Positive and supportive relationships are crucial as teenagers transition into young adults. Our independent living workshops provide valuable support and useful skills they need to successfully live on their own. They include:

  • case plan development to identify goals and objectives each youth needs to achieve effective independence.
  • living skills workshops that can be taken virtually or in person that teach skills for adulthood such as financial management, employment and resume building, and more.
  • case management for ongoing help with identifying resources and accessing services as a young adult.

Serving Youth & Young Adults in Idaho

At RISE Idaho, we are glad to help youth who are aging out of foster care as they become young adults. Learn more about our independent living skills services or treatment foster care services by contacting RISE today.

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