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4 Reasons Why We Honor Our Direct Support Professionals

September 10-16, 2023 is Direct Support Professional Recognition Week. If you know or work with a Direct Support Professional (DSP), be sure to thank them for their dedication to serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). From their devotion to assisting children who need behavioral health support and their commitment to helping individuals with I/DD find meaningful employment, we are glad to have such hard-working and compassionate individuals working at RISE Services, Inc. Idaho. There are several reasons to appreciate and celebrate DSPs, but the four qualities below make them simply amazing.

Why We Honor Our Direct Support Professionals

1. They Change Lives

When it comes down to it, DSPs transform the lives of the individuals we serve at RISE Services, Inc. Idaho. Whether it’s helping them find significant, long-term employment, teaching them how to manage their medications, or connecting with adults at one of our Friday Night Groups, our DSPs help participants grow personally and professionally. They are dedicated to providing high-quality services and utilizing all our programs to help those we serve live fulfilling, productive, and inspirational lives.

2. They Support Children & Adults

Individuals of all ages with I/DD receive compassionate and personalized support from our DSPs. They provide services to children that target concerning behaviors, improve social and communication skills, and support whole families. DSPs connect with teenagers through our recreational events and plan fun activities like bowling, swimming, and laser tag. Adults with I/DD receive job coaching services, self-care assistance, and self-direction services with the aid of our highly trained DSPs. 

3. They Exceed Expectations

We expect all of our employees to consider the individuals’ needs and wishes, but our DSPs are exceptional at doing this each and every day. DSPs use many of the tools, services, and programs at RISE Services, Inc. Idaho to go beyond the basic expectations of their job. They are committed to ensuring the safety of those they serve, allowing participants to make independent decisions that suit their needs. Working alongside other professionals, DSPs help individuals achieve their goals, such as socialization, independent living, or community involvement.

4. They See People First

While the job of a DSP is to assist, teach, and support individuals with I/DD, our DSPs prioritize seeing the person first. They take their time to get to know who they are — their interests, dislikes, personal goals, areas of improvement, and more. Many of our DSPs consider the individuals they serve to be friends and treat them as such. DSPs support the various needs of children and adults with whom they work, such as physical and mobility issues, mental well-being, social involvement, and support.  

Learn More About Becoming a Direct Support Professional

DSPs go above and beyond their basic job duties and are not recognized often enough for how their influence and involvement can positively change the lives of those they serve. Learn more about becoming a Direct Support Professional when you contact us or visit our Careers page today.