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Community Partnerships’ Employment Team

Community Partnerships' Employment Team

Community Partnerships’ Employment Department provides an array of vocational and prevocational services to assist people in preparing for, obtaining and maintaining employment.

Services are generally determined with the support of State Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. But for the majority of our clients we CAN provide:

  • Vocational Evaluations-Interest/Aptitude testing
  • Job Readiness Skill Building/Job Seeking Skills training-Employability assistance
  • Community Based Work Evaluations/Job Shadows-trial work periods
  • Job Site Development-assistance in finding a job
  • On the job training or support (OJT, Work Adjustment, Follow Along and Job Coaching)

Most individuals that the Employment Team works with start out looking for work.

This service is called Job Site Development and involves assisting someone in obtaining employment.

An Employment Specialist is a professional that assist individuals in finding and maintaining employment. The Employment Specialist works closely with the individual job seeker and their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with their employment plan. The Employment Specialist will provide tailored job site development services which could include assistance in completing applications, creating resumes and other business correspondence, pre-employment skill building, marketing and interview assistance. In addition the Employment Specialist will provide assistance in knowing when/if to disclose a disability or criminal background to a potential employer or when/how to ask for accommodations.

Once the individual has obtained a job the Employment Specialist will be there to support the individual as they transition from a job seeker to an employee. The Employment Specialist will provide employment supports while the individual is working. The Employment Specialist provides ongoing (time limited) supports to ensure the person is reaching their full potential and meeting the employer expectations.

Funding for our services is traditionally provided by Idaho Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR) and the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ICBVI).

Another employment service that Community Partnerships provides is long term Job Coaching.

Through long term Community Supported Employment (CSE) services allows individuals with more significant barriers to employment to receive long term support on the job. Often individuals need intensive ongoing support to successfully perform in a work setting. This service provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work in their communities along side people without disabilities. An Employment Mentor provides job coaching support to help the individual to maintain their job and provides the support needed to ensure that they continue to perform it in a way that satisfies their employer.

Some people with disabilities only need a little job coaching support intermittently, while others may need continual support in order to maintain their job. Community Supported Employment, Job Coaching services can be provided for an indefinite period of time. They can be provided for the entire length of time that an individual has a job and can even follow the individual to another job.

These are just a couple of the most utilized employment services that Community Partnerships provides. If you are interested in learning more please contact any of us in the Employment Department.