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Challenge Yourself

Ways to challenge yourself

Have you ever experienced fear, doubt and anxiety? So have our Adventure Camp participants. These campers are individuals with an array of physical and mental disabilities, but they push through their fear, doubt, anxiety and physical limitations to challenge themselves and test their boundaries. Our campers have challenged themselves to make new friends, go on a boat ride, stand on a bridge and be away from home.

Our Adventure Camp started 10 years ago as a means to allow our Boise adult participants to experience new things in life. Often times these individuals have not had the opportunity to be without their care taker, to challenge themselves, to be outside the confines of their home or to be pampered.

Our Adventure Camp is filled with tons of fun activities such as:

  • Spa days- where campers can enjoy a facial, manicure or quiet moment
  • Boat rides- where campers can see local wildlife
  • Watching base jumpers from Twin Falls Bridge

While the location changes every year based on availability, our campers always have a blast! We have about 30 campers, most who return year after year.

“It’s always fun watching the campers challenge themselves and try new things,” stated Adventure Camp Director, Frona Erickson. “By pushing themselves they validate to themselves that they can take on whatever challenge comes their way. Adventure Camp gives them free time, the ability to just enjoy the moment and it’s a nice break for their providers.”

If you would like to be a camper or help with Adventure Camp we welcome your participation! Please contact Frona Erickson at