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A True Work Family

work family

In my years of being employed I have worked for companies that have that age old saying “we’re like a family here,” however in my not so vast experience this has not ever been the case until…

August 2015 I applied for a job at Community Partnerships, when I received the call to come in for an interview, I was excited and nervous because like many others I really needed a job.

The day of my interview I almost crashed into someone in a white truck (I was going the wrong way in the parking lot), yeah a great way to start. I walked in and was greeted by JoDee who I now realize was the person that I almost ran into. She was so sweet and giggling about our first encounter and she very sweetly let me know that the parking lot was a one way. Talk about being a tad embarrassed, but the way she handled the situation made it more comedic than embarrassing. It was from that interaction that I thought hmm this could be a good place to work. Which of course made my nerves sky rocket and my mind race as I sat there waiting to be called back.

Rebecca came up front and introduced herself and I thought ok well here we go, no turning back, just be yourself. As I am being interviewed by Rebecca and Jean my nerves fade, my over thinking subsides and I suddenly feel very at ease with these two strangers. It was the most relaxing interview I had ever experienced.

Flash forward just a tad: I get a call and I am offered the job as Billing Specialist. Immediately I said yes and after some brief instructions I hung up the phone, I was so excited that I took the job before I even knew the pay. I loved the atmosphere, the vibes that I got from the people I met the day of my interview. I really wanted that job.

On my first day I am thrown into the thick of the billing team and in the days after I heard that age old saying “we’re a family here” of course I’m thinking, yeah ok sure we are. Not long after that I was introduced to Katharine, talk about being intimidated, but as soon as she looked at me I felt this peace come over me, I could feel her heart, her spirit, her love. It was something that I had not experienced before at least not at work, not from a CEO.

Well let’s flash forward a little further, my first banquet experience. This was the 20th anniversary celebration of CPI banquet and I think that it was at the banquet that I realized that the vision that CPI’s founders had 20 years prior was more than anyone could use words to explain, it was heart, soul, spirit, love, compassion, and so much more that you feel it radiating off the founders, CPI employees and the State of Idaho. It was a fantastic and eye opening experience. Of course there were tears and hugs. It was spectacular and inspiring.

Over the next 2 years I have experienced hard times, sad times, exciting times, and happy times not only in my personal life, but my work life as well. It is through these times that I came to the conclusion that “we’re family here” is not just something that CPI says, it is what we live. We have cried together, laughed together, prayed together and we have been understanding

towards one another.

CPI has a heart, a soul, a spirit it is not just a business it is a family it is my CPI family. In my 20+ years of working I have never look forward to coming to work or enjoyed my co-workers like I do here at CPI.