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How to Facilitate Successful Meetings

Successful Meetings

Research suggests that executives and company leaders are spending half their work week in meetings (HBR, Aug. 2017). With limited resources and time in a fast-paced market, utilizing meeting time optimally is an important skill for leaders in a variety of industries.

Every meeting needs a good facilitator. That person is someone who helps meeting attendees stay involved, to lead discussions, and to identify and solve problems. Teams will almost always develop better, more creative solutions when the meeting has good facilitation and will be more likely to support the implementation of the solutions. So, it’s the meeting facilitator’s role to guide the group through an effective process, without influencing the decisions.

If you are often the facilitator of meetings, join us May 4th at the Red Lion Hotel in Downtown Boise.

This training is designed for leaders, coaches and executives who find themselves facilitating work groups, project teams or other groups of diverse interests…or want to. Through this half-day workshop, Paul Dziedzic will help participants learn in live-action what steps they can take before, during and after a meeting to take a more purposeful approach to facilitation.

Paul specializes in facilitation, strategic consulting and leadership development through the Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation (CCER) at the University of Washington and through his own consulting business. Paul assists policy makers and those working to impact policy decisions with strategy consultation and facilitation on initiatives on opportunities for people with disabilities and other public policy areas.

Paul is the former Special Assistant to the Governor of Washington on Substance Abuse Issues and the former Director of the Washington Department of Services for the Blind. He also served as President of the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Paul has provided leadership training to over 400 rehabilitation leaders and others in the Northwest and Mountain states. He earned a B.A. Magna Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame in Government.

For event information and registration, please visit or email for more information.