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4 Ways our Summer Employment Program Impacts Participants

Are you or a family member with a developmental or intellectual disability looking for a summer job? If so, RISE Services, Inc. Idaho can help. We assist each of our clients through the job process, from defining your vocational goals to helping you find a job that you enjoy. Here are four ways our summer employment program positively impacts each participant.   

4 Ways our Summer Employment Program Impacts Participants

1. Helps Students Find Jobs

We offer career services for high school students aged 16 – 21 with developmental disabilities seeking a summer job. Did you know that teenagers who work during their high school careers have a higher chance of job success after graduation? That’s right – and we are here to support them in whatever their needs may be. Our summer job services include job shadowing, work-based learning, counseling, and more.

2. Prepares Individuals for a Career

Our job preparation services help individuals prepare for all that is involved with finding a job. This includes various steps like identifying their strengths, creating vocational goals, and reviewing benefits available to them. We also review other job-related activities such as appropriate dress and hygiene, transportation to and from work, and how to disclose a disability and ask for accommodations.

3. Helps with the Job Search Process 

As with each previous step, the job search process is customized to each participant’s needs. Based on their job goals, we help them find a job closely related to their skills, abilities, and personal strengths. We also teach them how to conduct interviews, fill out job applications, and speak with employers and co-workers.

4. Provides Real-World Experience

Whether we’re supporting high school students in their summer jobs or helping adults with developmental disabilities with their career search, our employment services are designed to offer real-world job experience for participants. Most individuals begin their new job on a trial basis. This allows them to acclimate to their new position, understand all expectations, and practice various job tasks. We also offer particular supports they may need for maximum success.

Beyond Employment Services

We look forward to partnering with you and helping you find a job that offers financial support, personal fulfillment, and job satisfaction. Contact us to learn more and get started on your job search today. In addition to employment services, RISE Idaho provides recreational services, support services, case management, and treatment foster care