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Understanding Medication Management

Sometimes prescribed medications can be beneficial for individuals who are seeking to maintain or improve their overall health and well-being. They may need additional support managing a mental health condition, or medications may be helpful for their particular developmental disability. RISE Services, Inc. Idaho provides professional medication management services to children and adults. If you think you or a loved one may benefit from this valuable service, keep reading to learn more about our medication management solutions.

Understanding Medication Management

What Is Medication Management?

Medication management is a service provided by RISE Services, Inc. Idaho for individuals who are prescribed medications. Participants meet regularly with one of our board-certified medication management providers and receive consistent care while receiving medication therapy. Individuals can freely discuss how their medications are working and our providers can adjust or change their medications as needed.

Who Can Benefit from Medication Management?

Children or adults who use prescribed medications may benefit from our medication management service. Many Idaho residents experience vast improvements in their overall health when they take advantage of our behavioral health and medication management services as part of their general treatment plan. Our behavioral health services include a variety of solutions for children and adults, such as:

  • Community-Based Rehabilitation: Children, teens, and adults learn skills that will help them maintain wellness and stability. Treatment plans are customized to each individual and may include learning strategies that will help them solve problems, cope with stress, communicate with others, and live independently. 
  • Counseling: Our trained counselors help participants by empowering them to make changes that can improve their well-being. We work with individuals who may be struggling with various conditions, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, and provide a wide range of counseling services such as family therapy, crisis intervention, social support, and Art and Play therapy.

How to Access This Essential Service

If you or a family member believe they may benefit from our medication management service, or you are interested in learning more about it, contact the RISE Behavioral Health Department in your local area and request an intake for services. Contact our Boise office at (208) 405-0640 or our Mountain Home office at (208) 329-8135. Our goal is to empower children, teens, and adults in Idaho to achieve their wellness goals by providing quality behavioral health support and essential medication management, and we would like the opportunity to do the same for you.