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New Leaders at Community Partnerships of Idaho

New Community Partnerships of Idaho Leadership

Welcome New Directors

Please join us in welcoming the following new directors.

Nikkita White has been named the new Director of Children’s Services for CPI. Nikkita most recently was the Program Director for Mountain Home. Nikkita joined CPI in January of 2013 as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist (PSR) where she worked 1:1 with children in the Mountain Home School District. She soon moved into the PSR Coordinator position. In August of 2013 Nikkita became the Mountain Home Program Director where she continued to grow and improve the programs offered in Mountain Home. Nikkita is looking forward to working with all of the kid’s teams, growing and improving the programs. Congratulations Nikkita!

Rebecca Martin has been named the Operations Director and has been working for Community Partnerships since 2010. She began her career as the On Call Receptionist in Boise, and then helped the Behavioral Health Department with file quality assurance.  Her attention to detail and vast knowledge was quickly utilized in the Billing Department. Rebecca has overseen the Developmental and Behavioral Health Billing since 2012. She successfully completed Life Coach Training with Cohort #2 and is utilizing these skills in her role as a supervisor and internal coach. Currently she manages the Billing Department, Facility Maintenance Department, Safety Program and works closely with the Finance Director and COO to ensure that day to day operational needs are met. Her staff and co-workers could not say enough positive things.  She is an incredible problem solver and project manager.  Rebecca is dependable, funny, and appreciative.  She delivers outstanding customer service.  Rebecca is a great listener and cares about the company. Rebecca is excited to begin this next chapter of her CPI journey.

Jean Plaised has been named the Human Resource Director and has been with Community Partnerships since 2004. Her first position was as a Receptionist in Boise.  Her eagerness to learn new skills and multi task landed her on the Boise Admin. Team helping with a wide variety jobs as the Admin. Specialist. The summer of 2011, Jean moved to the Program Coordination Team to utilize her administrative strengths on their new statewide contract.  In 2015, she returned to Boise Admin. Team and started her HR journey as the HR Specialist, HR Manager and in 2016 as Admin/HR Manager. Jean successfully completed Life Coach training with Cohort #1.  She is close to her ACC certification and is actively coaching. Currently, Jean oversees Recruitment, Onboarding, Benefits, Performance Management, and employee leave of absences.  She works closely with Directors and Supervisors to provide support on navigating questions that arise with staff. Jean has a passion for helping others be successful and celebrate the journey.  She goes above and beyond to get the project completed, accurately and on time. Jean is thrilled to start the year off with a new work adventure.

Congratulations to Michelle Niksich for being named Mountain Home Program Director. Michelle has been working at CPI since August of 2013 when she started as a Habilitative Interventionist.  After a year, Michelle was promoted to Clinical Supervisor over Habilitative Intervention. As Program Director Michelle looks forward to the many opportunities to learn and better the Mountain Home programs as an office and as a company.  She will continue to provide excellent services to the incredible families in the Mountain Home community.