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3 Reasons We Appreciate Our DSPs

At RISE Services, Inc. Idaho, we could not serve our clients the way we do without our compassionate and skilled Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). They are dedicated to transforming the lives of the individuals we serve each and every day. Being a DSP is no simple task. It requires commitment, patience, perseverance, and a huge heart. Learn more about the top three reasons why we are so grateful for our DSPs.

3 Reasons We Appreciate Our DSPs

1. Dedication to Children & Teens

When children and teens have been diagnosed with disabilities, our DSPs assist them in a variety of ways. They are willing to help children develop new skills so they can become more independent and do more on their own. Our DSPs also develop relationships with the children, their families, and the various school districts in order to provide the best support possible. Many of the supports and services DSPs provide include the following:

  • Light cleaning and house-keeping
  • Recreational activities for teens with developmental disabilities
  • Taking individuals into the community
  • Help with cooking and feeding

2. Commitment to Serving Adults

Not only do we assist children and teens with developmental disabilities, but we also support adults living with disabilities. By taking advantage of our adult services like adult day health, supported living, and many others, our DSPs create several opportunities for their individual growth, including the following:

  • Helping adults become more independent
  • Assisting adults as they achieve their personal goals
  • Supporting them as they become more involved in their community

3. Assistance With Finding Employment

With our community-based employment services, DSPs work alongside individuals with developmental disabilities to help them find suitable and meaningful employment. They are with them through the entire job process, helping them fill out applications, practicing mock interviews, and providing on-the-job training.

We Are Thankful for Our DSPs

We would love to have you as a part of our amazing RISE Services DSP team! You’ll be in great company with our talented, compassionate, and kind Direct Support Professionals. Contact us today to learn more or visit our careers page. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them.